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Charlie Bears "Thumbelina & King of the Fairies"  (10.5" & 11" tall) R.R.P. £320 Now £192

Charlie Bears "Thumbelina & King of the Fairies" (10.5" & 11" tall) R.R.P. £320 Now £192


Thumbelina and The King of the Fairies are from the Charlie Bear Fairy Tale  Collection and designed by Isabelle Lee.They are a limited edition of 200,this pair being number 10.The picture is of the actual bears you will receive and they come in their own maroon presentation box complete with 2 Isabelle Lee embroidered bags.

Thumbelina is 10.5" tall,free standing,fully jointed and made from a short pile light beige mohair on the body with a medium pile white mohair on the head and neckline. The short pile mohair has also been used on the muzzle,she has light topaz eyes,gold coloured stitched nose thread with a brown stitched mouth,paw/feet pads are light beige with gold coloured claw stitching. Thumbelina's dress is pale green with a white top and an aqua green sash around the waist and a matching headband.The same aqua green material has been used for the bows on her feet. A 5 petal flower design is suspended from the neck by a blue cord.

King of the Fairies is 11" tall ,free standing,fully jointed and made from a very pale green short pile mohair on the body and muzzle with a slightly darker silvery green medium pile mohair on the head and neckline.He has medium colour topaz eyes and a dark green stitched nose and mouth,paw/feet pads are pale green with dark green claw stitching.The Kings outfit comprises of a light beige body stocking , a crimson tunic with red/black edging to neckline and shoulders,a matching belt around the waist supports his sword .His pale pink gossamer wings are sprinkled with silver glitter. The Kings "boots" are also in a crimson/black material. RRP £320 NOW £190

Both these item are NOT suitable for children under 14 years of age

Postage via Royal Mail Next Day Special Delivery is £7.50

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